If there's one thing in the world that doesn't mean anything it's Opinions. Opinions don't mean shit. Action means something. Taking those opinions to heart. Executing tn)se Opinions. Making those Opinions happen. Making those ideas happen. That's what matters. But ideas by themselves wither and die in the darkness. When you take them out and you set them to flame you can make anything happen. https://offbeatquotes.com

If There's One Thing In The World That Doesn't Mean Anything It's Opinions. Opinions Don't Mean Shit. Action Means Something. Taking Those Opinions To Heart. Executing Tn)se Opinions. Making Those Opinions Happen. Making Those Ideas Happen. That's What Matters. But Ideas By Themselves Wither And Die In The Darkness. When You Take Them Out And You Set Them To flame You Can Make Anything Happen.