Career 5; Lin-cedln ccxacr‘ 3mm 10 years ago, I was rejected by a listed recruitment company. . P7) :REE Resume G- ceE-sok un. + Follow They said I am not a good match to be a headhunter. 10 years later, I became top sales in the headhunting industry and found different great companies. Enjoying my financial independence at the age of 38: Rejection isjust a redirection. It happens all the time, you just got to acknowledge it and take action. Never give up if someone rejected your dream. 0 Q o 9." - 3 Comments

Career 5; Lin-cedln Ccxacr‘ 3mm 10 Years Ago, I Was Rejected By A Listed Recruitment Company. . P7) :REE Resume G- CeE-sok Un. + Follow They Said I Am Not A Good Match To Be A Headhunter. 10 Years Later, I Became Top Sales In The Headhunting Industry And Found Different Great Companies. Enjoying My financial Independence At The Age Of 38: Rejection Isjust A Redirection. It Happens All The Time, You Just Got To Acknowledge It And Take Action. Never Give Up If Someone Rejected Your Dream. 0 Q O 9." - 3 Comments