WISDQM Oil: YODA Wl-ien nine hundred ~gears old you reacl'i, lool< as good you will not. [Lulcez] I can’t believe it. Luminous beings are [Yodan] That is why you Fail. Wars not maléc one smat- You must unleam what you have learned. Once you start clown tl'rc dark Path, we...Not tl'iis crude matter. Forever will it dominate your desting, consume you it will. You must Feel the Force around you. leat is the way oi tbings...Tl1e way ol: Named must yourtear be before banisb it you can. the Force. beware oi: tl1e darlc side. Anger...Fear...a5ression. Adventure. Held! Excitement. Heb! AJedi craves not these tl'iings. It you Cl’10056 the quick and easy Patl'i...You will become an agent oi: evil. Fear is the path to tbe darl< side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to late. Hate leads to sutlzen'ng. AJedi must Have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. 5‘26 mattcrf’ not. " *r-ifér ' Deatl-i is a natural Part of life. Rejoice For those around Hou Wl’IO transtorm into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. The dad< side clouds everything. Impossible to see the Future is. Mha/wfiatgou liavc lcarnccl. Save Bonk Us“. https://inspirational.ly

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