The Self-Loathing Man of lnaction (20$) :‘supPr N! I I, has” I been .iulwle III IIIQ-‘rdl mimlhs erarely even does things he likes anymore What do I want to do? I don't know.. _ _ ‘ I'm not driving yet, but you know, soon. >procrastlnates basxc tasks such as cleaning or cooking Oh right, that's on my backlog. Keeps getting bigger and bigger, I'll get my GED some day. h h e .. Yeah, I've been meaning to do that, haha.. >wil| neglect hygienic activies such as brushing teeth or showering '>spends most of his time watching garbage on I don't know how to do that. I don't know what I want. I just don't know. YouTube, browsing boards or talking in chatroorns Hah, I can only really cook instant ramen. I'm so bored. >family probably think he's retarded or worse >has alienated or lost most friends in the real world STOP GIVING ME ADVICE, OKAY? I'm trying. I'll do it tomorrow- What am I supposed to do again? . . , , I Th" '5 the day. I m gonna turn "“35 around. I m too Iazy' >has convinced himself he's ready to improve and leave Eh, "at today. the NEET life but constantly sabotages himself and --things never turn around, he gets more (IED'ESSEU prevents any commitment

[Image] Oddly motivating self loathing wojack