Let’s talk about physical health first. Have you ever realized our muscles are the key to all our actions? Every movement we make is possible because there are muscles to receive electrical impulses through the nervous system. Even breathing properly and swallowing food requires muscle. Many adverse outcomes of the lack of muscle have already been identified in the field of medicine, besides some obvious functional impairments like difficulties to breathe and to swallow, there is more risk of fractures, disabilities, and all cause mortality. Muscle strength, and secondarily muscle mass, contribute to even more functional immunity, since there are immune cell populations residing in skeletal muscle. Strong muscles keep us warmer maintaining our metabolisms fired up, circulating and cleaning everything more efficiently. Our muscles keep us more protected in every aspect. Taking care of our muscles is essential; and every system of medicine recognizes this need. In Chinese medicine it is said that each organ is connected to certain muscles through meridians and the proper functioning of each muscle influences an organs' vitality. In Ayurvedic medicine it is said that each group of muscles represents an emotion and proper muscular balance gives rise to emotional balance. In ”western" medicine, muscles have been progressively recognized as an endocrine organ instead of just having locomotor functions, because muscular contractions produce substances —- mainly myokines -- that affect other organs, including the brain, and one's entire physiology. It is already proven longevity and vitality are proportional to your physical attributes. We do not need to go far to know this. Just imagine the concept of vitality. This probably brings images of intense beings able to interact well with the world. Physical health means you have plenty of energy to run, swim, jump, climb, lift, carry, pull and push heavy weights, and so onm Energy to live many adventures. But before we talk about building physical attributes, let's talk about one of our biggest obstacles: stress. Stress may be simply defined as something that disturbs our peace. The body's natural response to anything https://inspirational.ly

[Image] Our muscles empower us in ways than most don’t even imagine. A very interesting argument to not neglect strength training.