Procrastination 7/, ”III/III l PQOCQASTINATION When we learn something new, it activates an area ofthe brain associated with pain Our brain triggers negativity —> we don’t want to do something that we don’t enjoy doing. Instead we do something positive for our brain e.g., playing YouTube, IG, FB, etc. Procrastination: issue with managing our emotion, not time 7.-v-r~-,-,,-l )l‘._T—IA‘, F) 7-14 «l ,/'-.-"«v-,, llllt ' : {-r-r'f», :1 management 6:260“ c..'7 L71, 1' :7 t l. L77", 1'. cl}: {ELL/'17 9M7 (:7 my, H, v 7— Study by Case Western Reserve Univ. in Ohio :2 Group I: Read a bad story —> do puzzle —> procrastinate —> they looked for something (+) to change their (-) emotions :3 Group II: No bad story a complete puzzle task Solution: Manage your emotion + Just Do it! Sacrifice short-term positivity vs long-term positivity Start small!

Procrastination 7/, ”III/III L PQOCQASTINATION When We Learn Something New, It Activates An Area Ofthe Brain Associated With Pain Our Brain Triggers Negativity —> We Don’t Want To Do Something That We Don’t Enjoy Doing. Instead We Do Something Positive For Our Brain E.g., Playing YouTube, IG, FB, Etc. Procrastination: Issue With Managing Our Emotion, Not Time 7.-v-r~-,-,,-l )l‘._T—IA‘, F) 7-14 «l ,/'-.-"«v-,, Llllt ' : {-r-r'f», :1 Management 6:260“ C..'7 L71, 1' :7 T L. L77", 1'. Cl}: {ELL/'17 9M7 (:7 My, H, V 7— Study By Case Western Reserve Univ. In Ohio :2 Group I: Read A Bad Story —> Do Puzzle —> Procrastinate —> They Looked For Something (+) To Change Their (-) Emotions :3 Group II: No Bad Story A Complete Puzzle Task Solution: Manage Your Emotion + Just Do It! Sacrifice Short-term Positivity Vs Long-term Positivity Start Small!