$5 lHate You W Yesterday at 20:29 ° 3 Left: me, completely broken, 93 pounds, living on the streets, living in fear, in pain, addicted to meth and heroin, and ready for my life to finally end. I had endocarditis twice from using and I had a hole in my heart. My mom took that picture when she went to rescue me. Right: I took this picture tonight. Didn't care about angles. Just wanted to show my happiness. 9 months clean. I fought hard for months in the hospital, survived heart surgery, gained 40 pounds, got a place to live, and I have my family and my two cats that help me. I've posted the before pic alot but my story is important. Recovery is possible and it is worth it. ' Girl u’re wonderful https://inspirational.ly

[Image] recovery is possible and it’s worth it