I thexliles Folow being a student right now is so fucking terrible is anyone coping ‘ thufilu Folw like what the fuck is a deadline when 1 million people have died maimed-frog Follow I'm not a student, but this is a thought that crosses my mind every day. And every day I try telling myself, Keep working, because when this is all over, you'll be glad for the work you’ve done. it's like the long winters of the past, when the granaries would slowly empty and 3 start to fear would never come . urlng the dark days, you do things. You repair your tools. You on] each other‘s company. You sing old songs and write new ones. You make ropes and nets and weave blankets and do anything you don’ have time for in the summer. And it’s hard to do it and hard to stay hopeful, but that way, when spring comes - and spring does come, spring will come - you can start working in the fields with a brand- new plow and good boots and a head full of songs. '3‘; WW Follow https://inspirational.ly

[IMAGE] Repair those tools, spring will come.