10:43 4 .- LTE Q» ‘ l’ Paul TenHakenG @paultenhaken Talking with a friend who lost his entire home in the tornado. Kids walk up with a casserole pan of hotdogs and some juice boxes. The one Child says, "My dad was in the Army and always tells me we should try and help other people, so we wanted to help.” #OneSiouxFalls Tweet your reply O Q https://offbeatquotes.com

10:43 4 .- LTE Q» ‘ L’ Paul TenHakenG @paultenhaken Talking With A Friend Who Lost His Entire Home In The Tornado. Kids Walk Up With A Casserole Pan Of Hotdogs And Some Juice Boxes. The One Child Says, "My Dad Was In The Army And Always Tells Me We Should Try And Help Other People, So We Wanted To Help.” #OneSiouxFalls Tweet Your Reply O Q