February 4, 2019,8144 AM As of today I’ve been sober 17 years. 17 years ago l was in jail in a wheelchair. Today I’m not. I am profoundly grateful to the alcoholics who shined a light on the path for me and helped equip me with the skills to live life well. This has been a brutal year for my family and me. Our first year without our son and brother Henry. Had I not been sober it would have been far worse. As it was, I squeaked by. Sobriety allowed me to be a reasonably good dad, husband and worker though it all. (If you average it out. I think.) Sobriety allows me to grieve fully, and grief is an expression of love. Thank you to everyone who has helped me. I can’t do it alone. https://offbeatquotes.com

February 4, 2019,8144 AM As Of Today I’ve Been Sober 17 Years. 17 Years Ago L Was In Jail In A Wheelchair. Today I’m Not. I Am Profoundly Grateful To The Alcoholics Who Shined A Light On The Path For Me And Helped Equip Me With The Skills To Live Life Well. This Has Been A Brutal Year For My Family And Me. Our First Year Without Our Son And Brother Henry. Had I Not Been Sober It Would Have Been Far Worse. As It Was, I Squeaked By. Sobriety Allowed Me To Be A Reasonably Good Dad, Husband And Worker Though It All. (If You Average It Out. I Think.) Sobriety Allows Me To Grieve Fully, And Grief Is An Expression Of Love. Thank You To Everyone Who Has Helped Me. I Can’t Do It Alone.