7:15PM Take a shower, really, If your cluttered stop playing video games, organize, and figure it out. You’d rather have a better quality of life tomorrow as opposed to being stuck with the grime you've had for the last 4 days, like cmon man get up and go do what you have to do for once, not like your dads going to bathe you, y'ain't a child anymore ain't nobody's responsibility but yours so get your ass up and going. Now. https://offbeatquotes.com

7:15PM Take A Shower, Really, If Your Cluttered Stop Playing Video Games, Organize, And Figure It Out. You’d Rather Have A Better Quality Of Life Tomorrow As Opposed To Being Stuck With The Grime You've Had For The Last 4 Days, Like Cmon Man Get Up And Go Do What You Have To Do For Once, Not Like Your Dads Going To Bathe You, Y'ain't A Child Anymore Ain't Nobody's Responsibility But Yours So Get Your Ass Up And Going. Now.