. and taking out my pencils for 20 minutes feels like it isn't even worth it. Like, shouldn't I draw for at least a few hours? Everything else feels like wasting time..." "Hmmm, that does sound rather frustrating. I'll have to think on that. In the meantime, do you think you could help me think through something? It has been bothering me for a bit" "What?" "My doctor told me recently, that I'm getting older and need to drink more - tea and water and some such. 'At least 8 cups a day!‘ he said." mini-sf { .‘hlh‘ifiiii‘h; "So? You just have to drink, right?" "But it's not so easy! Sometimes there are other things to do, sometimes I just forget. And so I thought, well, if I can't manage 8 cups, maybe I shouldn't drink at all? You know, cause the doctor said I need 8, and if I don't get that, what's even the point?" ,,Grandpa that sounds stupid. Of course you can't stop drinking! Even 4 cups is better than nothing! Stop being a silly goose!“ ,,Huh. If you put it like that... I guess you're right - that does sound rather silly.“ https://offbeatquotes.com

. And Taking Out My Pencils For 20 Minutes Feels Like It Isn't Even Worth It. Like, Shouldn't I Draw For At Least A Few Hours? Everything Else Feels Like Wasting Time..." "Hmmm, That Does Sound Rather Frustrating. I'll Have To Think On That. In The Meantime, Do You Think You Could Help Me Think Through Something? It Has Been Bothering Me For A Bit" "What?" "My Doctor Told Me Recently, That I'm Getting Older And Need To Drink More - Tea And Water And Some Such. 'At Least 8 Cups A Day!‘ He Said." Mini-sf { .‘hlh‘ifiiii‘h; "So? You Just Have To Drink, Right?" "But It's Not So Easy! Sometimes There Are Other Things To Do, Sometimes I Just Forget. And So I Thought, Well, If I Can't Manage 8 Cups, Maybe I Shouldn't Drink At All? You Know, Cause The Doctor Said I Need 8, And If I Don't Get That, What's Even The Point?" ,,Grandpa That Sounds Stupid. Of Course You Can't Stop Drinking! Even 4 Cups Is Better Than Nothing! Stop Being A Silly Goose!“ ,,Huh. If You Put It Like That... I Guess You're Right - That Does Sound Rather Silly.“