Don't think that you can't succeed because all you can manage to do right now is browse this sub. You can do anything with enough knowledge and planning. You may not be able to tackle all the thin’gs‘you want to fix today, but a day will come when you will be able to.  On that day, you will look back at the days I whenwall you cou’dfi'm manage¢o do was browse this sub' And you will than pkast you for  a ‘keepfing futuufie""ou mind.

Don't Think That You Can't Succeed Because All You Can Manage To Do Right Now Is Browse This Sub. You Can Do Anything With Enough Knowledge And Planning. You May Not Be Able To Tackle All The Thin’gs‘you Want To Fix Today, But A Day Will Come When You Will Be Able To. On That Day, You Will Look Back At The Days I Whenwall You Cou’dfi'm Manage¢o Do Was Browse This Sub' And You Will Than Pkast You For A ‘keepfing Futuufie""ou Mind.