It’s hard to remember all the arguments that were used to convince me not to feature our friendly neighborhood wall—crawler in his own series. But, just to give you an idea, here are some of them. . -. You can’t name a hero “Spider-Man” because people hate spiders! You can’t ever feature a teenager as a super hero. Teen-agers can only be Sidekicks. (Spidey was a teenager when the series started.) You can’t give a hero so many problems. Readers won’t think he’s heroic enough. You can’t have a hero who isn’t big and glamorous and handsome. (Peter was just your average nerdy type of student in those early days.) You can’t have a hero whose Aunt May is always wet-nursing him. It’s not macho enough. W Well, I guess that gives you the idea. Sort of reminds me of the bumblebee. YOU how they say that the bee can’t possibly fly because he’s designed all wrong aerodynamically? The only thing is, never tell that to a bee! Hey, maybe.1.ShOU1d 11$?“ _ called him “Bumblebee-Man’ ’? Nah! I figure shooting webs is more exc1t1ng than honey! (See how these big, momentous decisions are made?) p, "m News“,

It’s Hard To Remember All The Arguments That Were Used To Convince Me Not To Feature Our Friendly Neighborhood Wall—crawler In His Own Series. But, Just To Give You An Idea, Here Are Some Of Them. . -. You Can’t Name A Hero “Spider-Man” Because People Hate Spiders! You Can’t Ever Feature A Teenager As A Super Hero. Teen-agers Can Only Be Sidekicks. (Spidey Was A Teenager When The Series Started.) You Can’t Give A Hero So Many Problems. Readers Won’t Think He’s Heroic Enough. You Can’t Have A Hero Who Isn’t Big And Glamorous And Handsome. (Peter Was Just Your Average Nerdy Type Of Student In Those Early Days.) You Can’t Have A Hero Whose Aunt May Is Always Wet-nursing Him. It’s Not Macho Enough. W Well, I Guess That Gives You The Idea. Sort Of Reminds Me Of The Bumblebee. YOU How They Say That The Bee Can’t Possibly Fly Because He’s Designed All Wrong Aerodynamically? The Only Thing Is, Never Tell That To A Bee! Hey, Maybe.1.ShOU1d 11$?“ _ Called Him “Bumblebee-Man’ ’? Nah! I Figure Shooting Webs Is More Exc1t1ng Than Honey! (See How These Big, Momentous Decisions Are Made?) P, "m News“,