Jaquish, an Eau Claire cash grain farmer since 1972, had known Babbette, who used to sell ain equipment, for some time before their wedding in 2000. Ba bette Jaquish loved a lot of flowers, but sunflowers were her favorite. She became known as the sunflower lady. Diagnosed with multiple m eloma, Jaquish went through the roller coaster of feeling good an feeling terrible as she underwent chemotherapy. A few years later, Jaquish said his wife had the idea of raising sunflowers and selling sunflower seeds in part to benefit cancer research. She later died at the age of 66. To honor her memory, Jaquish planted nearly 400 acres of sunflowers on their land and on parcels they rented from neighbors to turn Highway 85 into a stunning flower gallery near his home and farm. https://inspirational.ly

[Image] Sunflower lady