SIC SEMPER ERAT, ET SIC SEMPER | v r ".‘v i ERlT/F/ lg __ it I‘l’ // 1%” / ~/ / ‘ IL gr ) .' ‘ .: V k i/ \ m, 1” ,., (q? ‘l RETINE VIM ISTAM, FALSA ENIM DICAM, SI Upon this oath, I willingly vow: To devote my mind to the revelations of KNOWLEDGE To devote my body to DEFEND THE WEAK against abuses of the strong To devote my soul to confront the enemies of the good relentlessly and without mercy To devote my existence to LOVE THE PEOPLE and the people's progeny And to devote my life and days to UPHOLD RIGHT AND GOOD, against all evil and injustice PLACIDAM SUB LIBERTATE QUIETEM .1 72’ 16/ A! AMET QUI NUNQUAM AMAVIT; QUIQUE AMAVIT, 7: V, {.1 n' l n. ‘

[Image] The Enduring Oath