Danniéfi ‘ @theOfficialcee Im embarrassed. when i get back into college .. the people I graduated high school gone be almost out of college and ill only be a sophomore C ~ " Mecko @MeckO Went back to college after an 8year hiatus. The guy I tutored before I left, was my professor when I returned. We went for drinks & he told me how it took him 15years to get a 5year degree (visa issues) Just run your race love; the finish line don't have an expiration date. https://offbeatquotes.com

Danniéfi ‘ @theOfficialcee Im Embarrassed. When I Get Back Into College .. The People I Graduated High School Gone Be Almost Out Of College And Ill Only Be A Sophomore C ~ " Mecko @MeckO Went Back To College After An 8year Hiatus. The Guy I Tutored Before I Left, Was My Professor When I Returned. We Went For Drinks & He Told Me How It Took Him 15years To Get A 5year Degree (visa Issues) Just Run Your Race Love; The Finish Line Don't Have An Expiration Date.