r: r/ Fitness ‘ u/DEONORTH - 7m + JOIN 8 Need encouragement to go back Health & Fitness Hi. Today was my first day back at a fitness class after a six month lay off. I knew it would be bad but I was terrible, and couldn’t finish most of the exercise sets. In currently am sitting in my car with full aircon, head spinning and feeling like I should throw up. I’m due to go back tomorrow morning - tell me why it’s a good idea! f 1 {v - 1 a, Share SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL ) purplespengler O - 6m - Germany's Ass No. You're an adult. Do it yourself or just give up. Removed. 0 1‘ Vote § https://inspirational.ly

[Image] The Mods at r/Fitness telling it like it is, which was motivating!