thine You look radiant, I never noticed before, Or maybe it's been too long, For all I recall, Are bereaved eyes, a disingenuous smile, a damaged Spirit, I loathed You for a long time, How did I survive this long with You? My love has been dormant, Asleep in the deepest recesses, Ready to drown... But something happened, A moment too fragile to evoke, A whisper too delicate to let loose, You awaken now with such vibrancy, Your smile is pure, eyes filled with aspirations, I'm in love again, I lean towards the mirror, I look into thine eyes and I realize, The importance of self-love, Isn't about self-importance or some form of narcissism, It's so I can harvest what I have, And impart it to those throughout, To give without eXpectation, Because I have enough, I have enough -jean andrei ©

[Image] thine