all AT&T 2* 5:51 AM 75% (:1, < Notes {9 [1] 2020 is your year, do not forget it. It's off to a rocky start, but life's challenges are placed along the road worth taking, for it bolsters you and your mentality, giving you the strength to get where you envision yourself, and end up having lived a life worth telling stories about. Rock bottom only means there's nowhere to go but up. It's time to go up. Burn twice as bright, fly too close to the sun, and put the team of all your prior selves on your back. This is the you we waited to become. Do it for you. Do it for us. iii! Q) ® [3/

[Image] | Things haven’t been going great for me the past few months. I had to tell myself that this was rock bottom and enough was enough. Tonight my insomnia ends, and i decided to write this to myself at 5:45 AM before going to sleep.