ALISON WONDERLAND 0 ' «all, @awonderland Every time it’s SXSW I think back to the time I flew over for it in 2013 hoping to be noticed. I played one show & 3 people came. Now I am about to put out my second album & play headline slots at festivals around the world. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight, keep going 129 PM - 3/15/18 - Twitter for iPhone 181 Retweets 2,001 Likes

ALISON WONDERLAND 0 ' «all, @awonderland Every Time It’s SXSW I Think Back To The Time I Flew Over For It In 2013 Hoping To Be Noticed. I Played One Show & 3 People Came. Now I Am About To Put Out My Second Album & Play Headline Slots At Festivals Around The World. This Stuff Doesn’t Happen Overnight, Keep Going 129 PM - 3/15/18 - Twitter For IPhone 181 Retweets 2,001 Likes