1. Ground yourself (So you don't get swayed by the negativity) 2. Shield yourself (Say no, be assertive) 3. Hang out in groups of 3 or more (This way, the interaction will not be as draining) 4. Provide a listening ear (Sometimes what they need is a listening ear) 5. Extend a helping hand (Their negativity may well be a silent cry for help) 6. Stick to light topics (New movies; Daily occurrences; Common friends; Latest trends) 7. Reduce contact UL“. i- V (If the above doesn't work) I V‘ 3w; . Mg, 8. Cut them away from your life (As last resort - if nothing improves. You deserve better. ) support local https://inspirational.ly

[Image] Tips on how to deal with friends or family members who drain your energy and bring you down.