Humans of New York :a a r v": (”i a“ (:‘x _ f" (3. q "I'm 66, but I bike 55 kilometers every day. I don’t get much from my pension, so I ride along this road and pick up metal scraps to bring to the collection center. I ride my bike everywhere. A few months ago, I rode 170 kilometers to visit my daughter. I left at noon and got there before dark. Iwasn't even rushing!" (Bila Tserkva, Ukraine)

Humans Of New York :a A R V": (”i A“ (:‘x _ F" (3. Q "I'm 66, But I Bike 55 Kilometers Every Day. I Don’t Get Much From My Pension, So I Ride Along This Road And Pick Up Metal Scraps To Bring To The Collection Center. I Ride My Bike Everywhere. A Few Months Ago, I Rode 170 Kilometers To Visit My Daughter. I Left At Noon And Got There Before Dark. Iwasn't Even Rushing!" (Bila Tserkva, Ukraine)