g pelvrc_thrusts 1:1 paints ~ 5 years ago O What happened to your Alexander Hamilton hip hop concept album? I've been anxiously waiting. GiveAward Share Report Save § LInManueI/ 20 pomts . Syears ago 6 I answered this in another thing, but it's coming. It will be both a stage production and a concept album. You don‘t have to wait anxiously. And you won‘t have to wait much longer. GiveAward Share https://offbeatquotes.com

G Pelvrc_thrusts 1:1 Paints ~ 5 Years Ago O What Happened To Your Alexander Hamilton Hip Hop Concept Album? I've Been Anxiously Waiting. GiveAward Share Report Save § LInManueI/ 20 Pomts . Syears Ago 6 I Answered This In Another Thing, But It's Coming. It Will Be Both A Stage Production And A Concept Album. You Don‘t Have To Wait Anxiously. And You Won‘t Have To Wait Much Longer. GiveAward Share