_ WHEN Rm DIET Wrti 645-" All replies X if a life after this one (whether in heaven or reincarnation, etc.) seems so unreal and 'fake', just think about your life right now. Think about the chances that you are you. How the earth was created and how your ancestors were born, and how your parents found each other and by chance had you. The fact that you are even alive and real is so impossible that it seems like you were meant to be here in a sense. If you want to be a famous actress, a billionaire, or maybe even a professional basketball player, take the chance and keep trying until you get there because nothing is more impossible than you and if you were lucky enough to be here on this earth and living in such a complex, unknown universe, than you can most definitely achieve anything you put your mind to. Don‘t worry worry about what happens after death because even the most genius scientist doesn't know what happens after you die. Just give life your all while you know that you‘re alive and let the hard times make you a stronger and wiser persons (jurinama‘vsa ~ '2 weeks; ago 85 gr [:1 Q https://inspirational.ly

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