No. 378 You are fucking worth it. Every doubt you wrestle with, every pain you endure, every fear you fight, every loss you feel, every heartache you survive, every time you pick yourself back up, every year you spend hoping for some- thing more, every day you spend worrying alone, every moment you spend struggling to succeed... you’re paying for something that can’t be bought. You’re building something no one else can own. You’re earning a stronger, more mature, more whole you. That’s worth everything.

No. 378 You Are Fucking Worth It. Every Doubt You Wrestle With, Every Pain You Endure, Every Fear You Fight, Every Loss You Feel, Every Heartache You Survive, Every Time You Pick Yourself Back Up, Every Year You Spend Hoping For Some- Thing More, Every Day You Spend Worrying Alone, Every Moment You Spend Struggling To Succeed... You’re Paying For Something That Can’t Be Bought. You’re Building Something No One Else Can Own. You’re Earning A Stronger, More Mature, More Whole You. That’s Worth Everything.