Padma Lakshmi 0 @PadmaLakshmi - 2h What's something you wish you had known when you were younger? Q 1,552 Ll 255 Q? 1,027 o<§ i ‘ Rebecca Rivera J j“ @rebrivved Replying to @PadmaLakshmi That you can live many lifetimes in one. You can reinvent yourself, have many careers, live in many countries, love many people, and as a result be a better person than you ever imagined - if you're lucky enough to live past 60. 1:08 PM - 17 Jul 20 - Twitter Web App 10 Retweets 279 Likes Q 1.1 U <3 Padma Lakshmi 9 @PadmaLakshmi - 1h Replying to @rebrivved Love this!! Q Ll Q? 22 <3

[Image] You can live many lifetimes in one