. soolagna-meow reminder that 30 isn't old, it's very normal to not accomplish everything in your 203, and that it is never too late to learn that thing you’ve always wanted to learn. you're always growing. that's a good thing. % mysevenkids Who the hell accomplishes everything in their 203? Who made that a thing? I was 48 when I started my apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist. l was 50 when I married the love of my life. You've got time. % iamtoni-the-roomie I needed this right now. I've got time!!! Q 221 b-hound I didn’t get my first book published until I was 38. At 53, I'm about to sign a contract for my tenth. You have time. E zigster-ao3 Thank you for this. Source: soolagna—meow 133,478notes P D 53 V https://offbeatquotes.com

. Soolagna-meow Reminder That 30 Isn't Old, It's Very Normal To Not Accomplish Everything In Your 203, And That It Is Never Too Late To Learn That Thing You’ve Always Wanted To Learn. You're Always Growing. That's A Good Thing. % Mysevenkids Who The Hell Accomplishes Everything In Their 203? Who Made That A Thing? I Was 48 When I Started My Apprenticeship To Become A Tattoo Artist. L Was 50 When I Married The Love Of My Life. You've Got Time. % Iamtoni-the-roomie I Needed This Right Now. I've Got Time!!! Q 221 B-hound I Didn’t Get My first Book Published Until I Was 38. At 53, I'm About To Sign A Contract For My Tenth. You Have Time. E Zigster-ao3 Thank You For This. Source: Soolagna—meow 133,478notes P D 53 V