To Everyone - You matter. I don't care ifyou're feeling better than you have in years or are just on the edge. J You matter. Not necessarily to me, but to everyone you know. _ .-’ They care. They give a damn. People tend to have a hard time expressing " their emotions but they do care. Your coworkers, your partners, your friends, your teachers. They care about you. Don't let anyone, not even yourself tell you otherwise. I know its sometimes hard to notice and when you're down in thatdark space you sometimes feel like it'd be better if you were forgotten. It isn't. Maybe you can't change the world. But you can change the world of those you share your spot in the planet with. Maybe you are just a blip in the infinite blackness of space andtime. But you're at least sharing that blip with a whole lot of good people, good food, ¢ good music and (if you look close enough) good times. Remember that you are are loved. No matter what.

To Everyone - You Matter. I Don't Care Ifyou're Feeling Better Than You Have In Years Or Are Just On The Edge. J You Matter. Not Necessarily To Me, But To Everyone You Know. _ .-’ They Care. They Give A Damn. People Tend To Have A Hard Time Expressing " Their Emotions But They Do Care. Your Coworkers, Your Partners, Your Friends, Your Teachers. They Care About You. Don't Let Anyone, Not Even Yourself Tell You Otherwise. I Know Its Sometimes Hard To Notice And When You're Down In Thatdark Space You Sometimes Feel Like It'd Be Better If You Were Forgotten. It Isn't. Maybe You Can't Change The World. But You Can Change The World Of Those You Share Your Spot In The Planet With. Maybe You Are Just A Blip In The Infinite Blackness Of Space Andtime. But You're At Least Sharing That Blip With A Whole Lot Of Good People, Good Food, ¢ Good Music And (if You Look Close Enough) Good Times. Remember That You Are Are Loved. No Matter What.