f; Nneka M. Okona - 9 r . @afrosypaella I I’m 35 and legit feel like my life is just beginning. Just saying that to all my folk in their 20s and 308 who feel like they’re behind and are stressing themselves out to catch up. You’re not behind. (30 at your own pace. All things in time. 6:31 PM - 6/1/21 from Atlanta, GA - Twitter https://offbeatquotes.com

F; Nneka M. Okona - 9 R . @afrosypaella I I’m 35 And Legit Feel Like My Life Is Just Beginning. Just Saying That To All My Folk In Their 20s And 308 Who Feel Like They’re Behind And Are Stressing Themselves Out To Catch Up. You’re Not Behind. (30 At Your Own Pace. All Things In Time. 6:31 PM - 6/1/21 From Atlanta, GA - Twitter