5 Anonymous 07/23/19(Tue)16:41 :47 No.51699198 >me, 4 years ago >24 >disgustingly obese piece of garbage >best friend fit as hell >te|ls me i should lose weight, never pushing it on me too much tho >keep telling him i could, if i wanted to, but i don't care >yeah... sure... >one day he signs me up for gym membership and offers to pay for it >"i just want a gym buddy, bruh. you don't have to do much, if you don't want to." >okaythen.jpg >friend gets into car accident 2 days later >dies. >motherfucktng dies. have not skipped a gym day since. lost ~200le (90kg) that first year. keeping it up to become the fucking bear he always told me i could be, if i cared and was disciplined enough. i'm gonna make it, bro. i'm gonna make it. W >>51699394 # >>51699701 # >>51699902 # >>51700551 # >>51701276 # https://inspirational.ly

[Image] You’re gonna make it