"We tried to integrate a restaurant, and they said, 'We don't serve colored folk here,‘ and I said, 'Well, I don't eat colored folk nowhere. Bring me some pork chops.’ And then Ku Klux Klan come in, and the woman say, 'We don't have no pork chops,‘ so I say, 'Well, bring me a whole fried chicken.‘ And then the Klan walked up to me when they put that whole fried chicken in front of me, and they say, 'Whatever you do to that chicken, boy, we're going to do to you.’ So I opened up its legs and kissed it in the rump and tell you all, 'Be my guest.’ " R.I.P. Dick Gregory October 12, 1932 — August 19, 2017 https://offbeatquotes.com

"We Tried To Integrate A Restaurant, And They Said, 'We Don't Serve Colored Folk Here,‘ And I Said, 'Well, I Don't Eat Colored Folk Nowhere. Bring Me Some Pork Chops.’ And Then Ku Klux Klan Come In, And The Woman Say, 'We Don't Have No Pork Chops,‘ So I Say, 'Well, Bring Me A Whole Fried Chicken.‘ And Then The Klan Walked Up To Me When They Put That Whole Fried Chicken In Front Of Me, And They Say, 'Whatever You Do To That Chicken, Boy, We're Going To Do To You.’ So I Opened Up Its Legs And Kissed It In The Rump And Tell You All, 'Be My Guest.’ " R.I.P. Dick Gregory October 12, 1932 — August 19, 2017