Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)03:03:30 No.5922415 > >>5922911 >>5924706 >>5932465 >>5932466 File: (2.41 MB, 1920x1080) I've never been able to get motivated. I'm extremely intelligent, and can/have applied myself before. But I can't do it because I have to. I do it because I want to, and the problem is I never really want to unless I know I will enjoy it. The place is a mess, I rarely get out to meet anyone, and my cynicism and logical to a fault viewpoint on life has separated me from many potential people I wanted to be friends with because I brushed them the wrong way, including my half-sister. But, I'm trying to fix it. I just dont know where to start. Anonymous 09/15/14(Mon)19:09:22 No.5932465 D >>5932466 >>5932639 >>5922415 Harsh truth? Grow up. | used to think exactly the way you do. Super smart, ljust can't apply myself. I consistently test 99th percentile in all manner of standardized testing. Do you know what I realized? All those scores, all that brain, all that potential doesn't mean shit if you don't get off your ass and make something of yourself. Everyone thinks theyre smart. Everyone thinks they're some sort of lazy genius because school never challenged them. Here's the tough realization you have to come to: School wasn't there to challenge you, it was there to teach you how to Ieam. How to motivate yourself. How to be something. And you failed. You cmised by on your As and Bs, not giving a fuck about the content, but never bothering to take some time and evaluate yourself. How are you growing? How are you adapting to your changing life and how can you be better prepared for tomorrow? I know it sucks to hear, but your mindset is one that everyone has at some point. You're not alone, you're not unique, and your intelligence is useless ifyou don't do shit. So get off your ass right fucking now. Don't scroll down. Don't check the next image looking for a laugh. God knows how long you've been browsing already. Close your tabs, lwgl will still be here when you're done. Go make a snack. A healthy snack, not your usual hot pocket and ramen noodle entree. Go make yourself something with fruit or veggies. What's the worst it can possibly do to you? Taste bad? Get over yourself and give your body the food it needs. Eat the snack. While you're eating, make a list of everything you want to change. Cleaning your place. Meeting new friends. Leaming a skill. Now I want you to pick one item on that list, and attack it as hard as you can for two and a half hours. Put on your motivational playlist. I know you have one, I do too. Put it on, and tum that shit up. Now clean your house, leam to code, sign up for cooking classes, whatever it is YOU want to do. Anonymous 09l15l14(Mon)19:10:12 No.5932466 > File: 1406839196140.jpg (802 KB, 1920x1080) >>5922415 >>5932465 I'm not making you do this. You are a grown ass man, with grown ass responsibility. But I'm not the one who wants your life to change. I live in a iinky dink town in podunk, Georgia. I couldn't give two shits and a damn what you do with your life. But YOU just told ME you want to do this shit. 80 go do it. Why the flick are you still reading? What the hell are these pictures going to do for you in ten years? Why would you spend HOURS 3 day sitting on your ass looking at what's going to decorate your biggest productivity killer? Turn off the flicking computer. Unplug the power cable and put it under your pillow. Turn your phone on airplane mode. TV off, tablets off. You have two and a half hours. Work as hard as you can. You'll look at your watch six times in the first twenty minutes. After that, you'll glance down and and hour will have passed. Time flies When you're doing work, son. Imagine what two and a half hours of concentrated work will do. Would you rather look back two hours from now and realize you scrolled through ANOTHER lwgl thread and addded another wallpaper to your bloated collection? Or would you rather look back and realize that you fucking did something? Fuck how long you worked today, fuck your sore back, fuck how tired you are. Get your ass up and do somehthing. When that 2 1/2 is up, get back on this board, back on this very thread, and tell me what you did. Or better yet, don't. I don't care. Your life is what you make it, and telling strangers on the intemet is not going to make it better. But what the fuck do I care? You'll probably just go back to scrolling through the rest of the thread. Anonymous 09l15l14(Mon)21:25:15 No.5932639 b >>5932771 File: 1406841270236129 (910 KB, 2558x1550) >>5932465 lhx anon. I got a lot of shit done today because of you. Anonymous 09/15/14(Mon)23:16:28 No.5932771 > File: 1407982862621129 (160 KB, 1920x1080) 60 places. >>5932639 Don't fucking tell me about it. Go get more shit done tomorrow. And the next day. Doing shit isn't a one and done deal. If you actually stay committed and pull your life together, you won't have to tell people about it. You1| be the guy everyone looks to and says, "Damn, that gufs going places." Be that guy.

[IMAGE]Good advice, straight from 4chan.