HOW TO BE FREE IN THE MODERN WORLD DECONDITION YOUR THINK- ING. We live with every advert. piece of advice. cultural norm and social construct we've ever experienced. Flnd y0ur way outside of your Cultural matrix. EXPERIENCE AWE. Awe is a mind expanding expeirence and helps the deconditioning process by expand- lng your mental space with more powerful and creative Ideas. beat bad memes with more ideas. OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS. When you own your own buisiness. you own your own life. Stan a company under your own name or one you come up with and run your life through that. You will experience better engagement and more liberty in your business dealings Just by nature of having a buffer. FOCUS ON YOURSELF, THEN OTHERS. In order to help others you must first have your own house in order. Business in the modern world is a practise of self discovery and challenges y0u to fix your own failings in order to progress. You will grow through your work. TAKE YOUR TIME. You are the author of your own story. you only ever see people in a snapshot of their lives with no context or visibility on the toll it took to get there. Some get lucky. but you have to put yourself in the way of luck to become lucky.

[Image]How to be free.