My childhood years were very painful. I was *4 only 5 when the Croatian War of Independence broke out. I was living in a war lone and lost my grandfather (murdered) in that war. { \A R x ‘ wilbt253,( We were forced to live in refugee camp, passing ': X» “1» my time by kicking a paper boll. Even with danger I always lurking nearby (Grenades, Bombs, Murders was common at that time). As the War ended I started playing football. My favourite Club Haiduk FC reiected me by saying that I was too small, very light weight '-'" - I woudn't make it. But my Father said you can make it son iust believe. He didn't have money to send me to football schools and buy Boots. I didn’t stop and worked a hell lot on my playing style. I played for Croatia and signed for Tottenham but they said he cannot play in England. I proved them wrong 8. performed 8. today I proudly say that I'm playing for the biggest club in the World - Real Madrid. Luka Modrié 6‘

[Image]Never stop chasing your dream