Angry Robot 0 @angryrobotbooks Count Dracula was 412 when he moved to England in search of new blood. Sauron was 54,000 years old when he forged The One Ring. Cthulhu had seen galaxies flare into life and fade to darkness before he put madness in the minds of men. It's never too late to follow your dreams! 6:27 AM ~ 4/17/21 - Twitter

Angry Robot 0 @angryrobotbooks Count Dracula Was 412 When He Moved To England In Search Of New Blood. Sauron Was 54,000 Years Old When He Forged The One Ring. Cthulhu Had Seen Galaxies Flare Into Life And Fade To Darkness Before He Put Madness In The Minds Of Men. It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams! 6:27 AM ~ 4/17/21 - Twitter