"It’s not good to have power ; voice seems to boom louder ' , used to people withholding t _ {ii} ions until they hear what you have to say. People are afraid to brI as to you, afraid to dissent, afraid to engage. This can happen even e most well- intentioned leaders. You have to work consciously and actively to fend off Its corrosive effects." - https://offbeatquotes.com

"It’s Not Good To Have Power ; Voice Seems To Boom Louder ' , Used To People Withholding T _ {ii} Ions Until They Hear What You Have To Say. People Are Afraid To BrI As To You, Afraid To Dissent, Afraid To Engage. This Can Happen Even E Most Well- Intentioned Leaders. You Have To Work Consciously And Actively To Fend Off Its Corrosive Effects." -