*Mfl Flowchart Edition .0; Routine isn't a bad thing but l1 staleness is. Don't live your life on Do You 3V9 a ’ autopilot, take control !. Even if you problem or a goal? are well off, set goals and try to achieve them. Happiness demands that you constantly grow and learn. START! Let it go and move on. One of the Can you do most important parts of life is something about % prioritizing. Your time and energy if? aren't limitless so invest them where it counts the most. The path to success is never an easy Are you doing one. It takes courage to start the a journey and motivation to see it something aboul through. Both are within all of us. it? Find them within you and your _ happiness will find you. yes: Good for you! You know what you're 933! doing so keep doing it. Remember not to tunnel vision too hard though! Stop and smell threlflowers once in a w I e Is it working? n0! Sometimes persistence alone just can't Cth it. In Cthose cases, a diIEferent - 88! min set an a new approac can FIve .ylf‘lrs from 7 ye help. Step back and think. Try to now, w' 'l matter. figure out why you're not getting — ahead and see what YOU can do differently. n0! powered by PiktochoIrt make https://inspirational.ly

January 01, 2018 at 05:32PM