This year I hope you choose self-love instead of self-improvement. I hope you fill the cracks in your heart with beautiful moments rather than hide the fractures away in shame. I hope you realise that to be whole means you give up on trying to be complete or perfect because simply being present is brave and wonderful enough. I hope you untame your fire and go fierce on all those expectations, relationships and memories that have dampened your Spirit for far too long. I hope you hold your own hand and follow after the ache inside you because you are worthy of so much more than all you have settled for. May you drench in self-belief the diamond dreams for yourself you have hidden :way up to now. May you rise. May you - Y2 mg pass into your wear/fl; , of moonlit flowers within you. You have got to here, darling. That's good enough. But the story your skin and cells tell is one of genius and marvel so make sure you keep going. But take your time, savour it all too. There is no end to this path of blossoming. There is no end to the defiant glory of you.

January 03, 2018 at 01:04AM