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That Was One Of The first Things We Talkedlaliggglfli, 11mm M It“ The Same Thing. If You Want To Talk Aboutgafnythlng @WWWW‘” You Couldn’t Really find A Whole Lot Ofpee, “MWMWQELWEW Circumstances... You Can’t Really Talkitgnybody Mmmwfi‘flfl MBEQ, @‘jflfik Was A Comforting Thing. It’s Not Like It’s A Child Performerséwm ”afiflwflfijmm Still Talk About It, Because We’re A Part Of A Un1que Grop Ofpeople. Mwmflmafimgwfim Another. And When It Goes To Any Person Who LsVaxéhlldflRmewflmM= I Get It. You Have An Understanding Of Them. I I ...He Lived Through That Before; Soheunde Basically Just . Thrust Into. — Ma’caulay Culloin, 200-5