John Dickerson October 1, 2018 “One of the great things to come out Slate Political Gabfest of this is the number of women who've told their stories... ...including my wife. The number of people who call into the sexual assault hotlines is up 142%. As Senator Lehey said, "courage is contagious".That's amazing.That's not going back. And the next generation of men, or even this generation of men will behave better, I think, as a result of this. Dr. Ford's testimony means a hell of a lot; it has changed the culture in this incredibly positive way - already. Full stop. No matter all of the ugli- r 53 that is to come and has hap- pener - mat is one thing that comes ' ' is ’at‘s been amazing.”

John Dickerson October 1, 2018 “One Of The Great Things To Come Out Slate Political Gabfest Of This Is The Number Of Women Who've Told Their Stories... ...including My Wife. The Number Of People Who Call Into The Sexual Assault Hotlines Is Up 142%. As Senator Lehey Said, "courage Is Contagious".That's Amazing.That's Not Going Back. And The Next Generation Of Men, Or Even This Generation Of Men Will Behave Better, I Think, As A Result Of This. Dr. Ford's Testimony Means A Hell Of A Lot; It Has Changed The Culture In This Incredibly Positive Way - Already. Full Stop. No Matter All Of The Ugli- R 53 That Is To Come And Has Hap- Pener - Mat Is One Thing That Comes ' ' Is ’at‘s Been Amazing.”