"...onlg in human Forms that liues are capable oF innouating. creating and deueloping. Onlg human beings are capable oF telling right From wrong. the good From the bad. and spreading and propagating Hnoquedge. mag all people use such special qualities wiselg to improue the human character. we wish people through their smiles bring jog to others, as human beings are the onlg liuing Hind able to smile... " Bu Dr. S. . HUJOH — The millennium Blessing http://www.happgharicom/Files/FuJ02.jpg https://offbeatquotes.com

"...onlg In Human Forms That Liues Are Capable OF Innouating. Creating And Deueloping. Onlg Human Beings Are Capable OF Telling Right From Wrong. The Good From The Bad. And Spreading And Propagating Hnoquedge. Mag All People Use Such Special Qualities Wiselg To Improue The Human Character. We Wish People Through Their Smiles Bring Jog To Others, As Human Beings Are The Onlg Liuing Hind Able To Smile... " Bu Dr. S. . HUJOH — The Millennium Blessing Http://www.happgharicom/Files/FuJ02.jpg