If we follow the dictates of reason we try to acquire all kinds of goods, we work in order to increase the some of all our possesions or of our knowledge, we use all means to get richer and to possess more. Our status in the social order is based on this sort of behvaior. But when the fever of seX seizes us we behave in the opposite way. We recklessly draw on our strength and sometimes in the violence of the passion we squander considerable resources to no real purpose. Pleasure is so close to ruinous waste that we refer to the moment of climaX as a “little death”. Consequently anything that suggests erotic excess always implies disorder. N akedness wrecks the decency confered by our clothes. But once we have ventured along the path of sensuous disorder it takes a good deal to satisfy us. Destruction and betrazal will sometimes fo hand in hand with the rising tide of genetic excess. Besides nudity there is the strangeness of half-clothed bodies; what garments there are serve to emphasise the disorder of the body and show it to be all the more naked, all the more disordered. Brutality and murder are further steps in the same direction. Georges Bataille “Eroticism” https://inspirational.ly

“…Pleasure is so close to ruinous waste that we refer to the moment of climax as a “little death”…” Georges Bataille [4408 × 2939] [OC]