6.45 ' " “fig 6am” 45%- V (self.SquaredCircle) UV J I 6 comments SquaredCircle 18 minutes ago by ipman203 - Enzo got a call one day from someone at Sinclair broadcasting (owner of Roh). Sinclair wanted Enzo, didn't know he & Cass were buddies again at that time. - Enzo called Cass as he never worked msg & they wanted to do the gig. - They got dressed up in another building got a text from someone at 8:20 to come on over to the garden. Security escorted them through a small door. - After the whole thing they got ghosted by Sinclair & Roh. Never got a text from the guy who they were in contact with. - It was 8 on 2 when that beatdown happened. The other wrestlers didn't know wtf is happening. They could've beaten the shit out of Cass & Enzo Cass said he was pissed that he didn't get a thank you after putting his life on the line. - Enzo says only three people in the company knew. Wrestlers were not told, production people were not told, even security wasn't aware as they thought it's some kind of an angle. - Cass was angry that after trending over the HOF, NCAA, G1 & Bret Hart getting attacked & after fans complaints they were ghosted by them. Cass brings up the fact that their segment wasn't even on the broadcast & was only shared through fancam & word of mouth. - Enzo says Roh got worked by some fans on twitter. - Chris Jericho says that even Bully Ray will tell you that Roh has no buzz right now. And they need someone like an Enzo & Cass. - They were scheduled to be at War of Worlds Chicago & then later they stopped getting texts from Sinclair. - Chris says that he would blame the bookers for not informing wrestlers rather than pushing the entire blame on Enzo & Cass. He feels Roh & Enzo & Cass should still work together. 6 comments a ”I O < https://inspirational.ly

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