Look, I know I'm not cool, okay. I know I'm not pretty. And I know you think you're too good for me because you mostly pass. And I know you and your friends laugh at me behind my back. People stare at me because I'm a transgender furry and that's weird. But I'm a fucking queer icon because I'm not like you. Bemuse I'm not like anyone but myself. And because I'm willing to stand up to people who oppress us and I'm willing to stand up for the girls with beard shadow and deep voices, the girls even other trans women make fun of. And when, in the history " of the world, has anyone ever '2 stood up for them 2 , That's why everyone knows who Tabby is. -Tabby it w: W Ip- https://inspirational.ly

“…That’s why everyone knows who Tabby is.” – Tabby (Natalie Wynn) [1280×720]