“the hardest challenge is to he gourself in a world where evergone is trging to - make gun he somehodg else. Whenever gou think or gen believe or gou know, we're a lot of other people: but the . moment gou feel, gou're nobodg-hut—gourselt... It takes courage to grow up and become who gou reallg are.” — e.e. oummings, pggt . W and artist “, 1958 self-portrait of e e oummings, Edward tstlin Bummings, [fletoher ill, lBBlI — September 3, 1962] hangs in the National Portrait fiallerg in Washington lltl. https://offbeatquotes.com

“the Hardest Challenge Is To He Gourself In A World Where Evergone Is Trging To - Make Gun He Somehodg Else. Whenever Gou Think Or Gen Believe Or Gou Know, We're A Lot Of Other People: But The . Moment Gou Feel, Gou're Nobodg-hut—gourselt... It Takes Courage To Grow Up And Become Who Gou Reallg Are.” — E.e. Oummings, Pggt . W And Artist “, 1958 Self-portrait Of E E Oummings, Edward Tstlin Bummings, [fletoher Ill, LBBlI — September 3, 1962] Hangs In The National Portrait fiallerg In Washington Lltl.