gressive, or antiwar sites. It does not come from the 2017 tax bill that abandons all pretense of fiscal responsibility to enrich corporations and oligarchs and prepares the way to dismantle programs such as Social Se- curity. It does not come from the opening of public land to the mining and fossil fuel industry, the acceleration of ecocide by demolishing en- vironmental regulations, or the destruction of public education. It does] not come from the squandering of federal dollars on a bloated rmli ' as the country collapses or the use of the systems of domestic . * to criminalize dissent. The most ominous danger we face can: the marginalization and destruction of institutions, includin ‘_ ‘ " academia, legislative bodies, cultural organizations, and the 'v. once ensured that civil discourse was rooted in reality and us distinguish lies from truth, and facilitate justice. m

Gressive, Or Antiwar Sites. It Does Not Come From The 2017 Tax Bill That Abandons All Pretense Of Fiscal Responsibility To Enrich Corporations And Oligarchs And Prepares The Way To Dismantle Programs Such As Social Se- Curity. It Does Not Come From The Opening Of Public Land To The Mining And Fossil Fuel Industry, The Acceleration Of Ecocide By Demolishing En- Vironmental Regulations, Or The Destruction Of Public Education. It Does] Not Come From The Squandering Of Federal Dollars On A Bloated Rmli ' As The Country Collapses Or The Use Of The Systems Of Domestic . * To Criminalize Dissent. The Most Ominous Danger We Face Can: The Marginalization And Destruction Of Institutions, Includin ‘_ ‘ " Academia, Legislative Bodies, Cultural Organizations, And The 'v. Once Ensured That Civil Discourse Was Rooted In Reality And Us Distinguish Lies From Truth, And Facilitate Justice. M