'fhe bein ,you said?Well.lhavetotellyou the honest truth as I see it. In is world, nothing perfect exists. ft m be a cliche. after alL But it's the way things are. ihat's precise 1 why ordinary men pursue the concept of perfection: it's infatuation. But. ulhmatel I have to ask myself: what is the true meaning of being perfect Andtheanswerlcameupwithwas: . . , .g ‘. Not one thing. The truth of the matter rs l despise ection. If something is truly perfect, THAT'S ii. The bottom he becomes. there is no room for Imagination. ilo s oe for intelligence or ability or improvement. Do you understan ? To men of science like usI perfecbon is a dead end. A condition of hopelessness. Always strive to be . .-.r -. - than anything that came before you. but not perfect. ~Kurotsuchi Maiun (Bleach) https://inspirational.ly

“The Perfect Being you say…” – Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Bleach [640×640]