The mere devidu3Vj " 3ngerous thing. Any tyront whos l ' soon learns to tear the . - __ I “ .;' , 0 nd wh . e 7 V ; W is a . .. Is it the mosses? Is it the endless millions who decide our worlds tote? No, it is the individual who chose not to remain o mere drop In the ocean. The mere individual who chooses to tight and gain their people's treedom. It is the individual that chose to build where no other hod betore and so, carve out o Porodise From the bitter hell of their existence.

The Mere Devidu3Vj " 3ngerous Thing. Any Tyront Whos L ' Soon Learns To Tear The . - __ I “ .;' , 0 Nd Wh . E 7 V ; W Is A . .. Is It The Mosses? Is It The Endless Millions Who Decide Our Worlds Tote? No, It Is The Individual Who Chose Not To Remain O Mere Drop In The Ocean. The Mere Individual Who Chooses To Tight And Gain Their People's Treedom. It Is The Individual That Chose To Build Where No Other Hod Betore And So, Carve Out O Porodise From The Bitter Hell Of Their Existence.