“We do not grow absolutely, ' chronologically We grow sometimes in one dimension,. and not In another; unevenly g ' ” We grow partially. We are 1 relative. We are mature In one realm, childish In another. The past, present andfuture minglerand pull us ' backward, forward, or fix us . in the present. Weare made . ..,-' up of layers; cells, ‘constellati‘dns.” ~ AnaIs Nm 1 https://offbeatquotes.com

“We Do Not Grow Absolutely, ' Chronologically We Grow Sometimes In One Dimension,. And Not In Another; Unevenly G ' ” We Grow Partially. We Are 1 Relative. We Are Mature In One Realm, Childish In Another. The Past, Present Andfuture Minglerand Pull Us ' Backward, Forward, Or Fix Us . In The Present. Weare Made . ..,-' Up Of Layers; Cells, ‘constellati‘dns.” ~ AnaIs Nm 1